The New Metro Buddy: One Tiny Electric Car


Sneak peaks are one of the main reasons we browse the web every day. This new electric car is sure to catch some attention and cruise along among the buzz-worthy bloggers. The Metro Buddy, a pocket-sized electric car (OK, not really that small), was revealed at EVS-24. The Norwegian Minister of Transportation, Liv Signe Narvasete, got to visit the electric car maker’s factory and was able to get a sneak preview.
Some people from ElectricAid were also on available to make a little video, which is available online. It keeps the same simple form as the original Kewet Buddy, but there are some major changes under the hood and beneath the frame. The new version will be able to store electricity in lead-acid, nickel metal halide or lithium batteries giving it a range of 50 to 75 miles (80 to 120 kilometers).
The car looks amazing. Like something conceptually designed for a senior thesis. But it’s real. And it’s small. A simple two door machine, almost a cube on wheels, it must be able to park in extremely small spaces. The front window comes with one windshield wiper (more would be overkill). The windshield itself is at the same angle as the hood, creating a perfect slope down the front end. It’s cute. It’s petite. It’s perfect.