The Perks of Your Hybrid

We’re killing the earth before our great grandchildren can inherit the mess we’ve left them; a hybrid automobile will help leave them a lesser mess. There’s perk number one.

You’re Not Just Saving The Planet, You’re Saving Money As Well

I’m under no pretense that these new hybrids are cheap; quite the contrary. However, the money savings that you can realize before and after purchase may surprise you. For one thing, you may be able to save money right away when it comes to financing, with lower rates. Insurance companies such as Traveler’s, Geico and Farmer’s offer hybrid discount rates. See? You’ve saved money and you haven’t even driven your new hybrid off the lot.

Savings Other Than Gas

There are other savings when it comes to hybrids such as the value of your hybrid when you decide to sell it; brake repair on hybrids is far less expensive than regular cars; some businesses are even getting in on the act and offering incentives for leasing hybrids to their employees; some states still allow hybrids to travel in the car pool lane with only one driver; and let’s not forget the Federal tax credit.

And don’t think that just because it’s a hybrid you can’t still install a killer car audio system, because you can. I see it as an exchange. Hey you’re not polluting the air, at least you can fill it with loud music!

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